Understanding Your Utility Bill

Courtesy of Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Hosting an electric school bus can have an impact on how much you pay for electricity and the type of electrical infrastructure you need at your site. Charging a bus does not need to be costly but charging at the wrong time can result in your school losing money.

We recommend contacting your local electric utility as part of planning for your electric bus. Your electrical utility can help you understand what type of (if any) electrical upgrades are needed for your facility to host an electric school bus.

Operating an electric school bus should be less expensive than diesel. But realizing these cost savings requires that you review your utility bill to understand how you currently use electricity and how you are billed for this use. You should use this information to develop a charging plan that gives you the flexibility you need to keep the bus in service, but also keeps charging costs as low as possible. Your local utility can help you figure this out for the specific location where your bus will be parked.
There are thousands of electrical utilities in America, nearly each one has its own way of calculating electricity costs and showing those costs on your bill. Download the document to see terms which may show up on your utility bill.